18th October 2018 London Camera Exchange Photo Walk

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18th October 2018 London Camera Exchange Photo Walk


In association with London Camera Exchange, Portsmouth. Monthly photowalks in and around Portsmouth. 

We are pleased to announce...

A photo walk on Thursday 18th October 2018 at London Camera Exchange, Portsmouth PO1 4RR

Due to the popularity of these walks we will be holding them on a regular basis which will be on the third Thursday of every month.

Remember to spread the word about our walks the more popular we are the more frequent we can do them and more investment can be made in them. 

Walking distance: under 2 miles

Ticket price: £10

Please arrive 15 minutes before the time stated to ensure a prompt start. We will be outside so you should dressed to suit the season and weather. I suggest you have a water-proof coat in case of rain. 

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